Daily Progress Report

Well, tonight hubby had band practice and it wound up being girls night.  Italian food, ice cream, and Pride and Prejudice (the new one, as we didn’t have time for the full and excellent BBC version).  Still, I managed to make some progress on the novel notebook today.

Finished sections:

Title, Conflict, Setting, Stella’s Character Worksheet, Holt’s Character Worksheet, Psychology of the Bad Guy

Partially Completed Sections:

The arsonist’s Character Worksheet, 12 of 20 Reasons the H/H Aren’t Immediately Getting Busy or Married; 3 of 20 Reasons Why The H/H Are Well Suited; Plotting The Romance; The Novel Timeline

The amusing scene of the day in my head is the fight between Holt and Stella after he springs his family on her.  Which will go something like this (but with more punch):

“Holt, honey, it would be a real shame if you risked your life to pull me out of that fire if you were just gonna let me die of embarrassment.”

He’s sort of baffled by this.

“I was wearing your shirt!” (and nothing else).

“I know.  You look much better in it than I do.”

*head desk*

It won’t be purely funny when it’s written, but darn it amused me while wandering the aisles of Kroger this afternoon.

Tomorrow I hope to finish with the arsonist’s page, all the Plotting the Romance stuff,  and the biggest points on the Chronology.  I’d like to be able to get back to writing on Saturday (we’ll see if I have any brain power or energy left after planting 5 large azaleas and pouring the slab for our new shed–17 bags of Quikcrete–yikes!).

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