Ready, Set, Sweat!

[Watches internal editor climb the gangplank of a 3 month cruise around the world.]

Arrivederci!   Bon Voyage!  [sniff, as the ship pulls up the gangplank and begins to float out into the harbor]

The internal editor crosses her arms and scowls at me, standing on the dock.  She doesn’t return my wave.

Have a good trip!  Take lots of notes!  Oh, and pictures!  Pictures are great for research.

The internal editor makes a gesture unbecoming a lady as I continue my fervent farewells.  She is not pleased to be dismissed and forcibly sent on vacation for the next three months.  I watch with growing alarm as the ship sails further and further away, at last becoming only a tiny dot on the horizon.  Fleetingly I panic Take me with you! and wonder whether I can catch up if I throw myself into the water and swim for all I am worth.  But finally the ship dips below the horizon, out of sight, and I am alone.

On shaky legs I turn around and head home, the adrenaline beginning to pump a bit faster with each step because I’m on my way to meet Sven.  And Sven says it’s time to sweat!  Sven

Today is officially the first day of the second round of the 70 Days of Sweat challenge (and that sentence would be a good candidate for “how many prepositions can you fit into one sentence?’).  I’m all set to go on Til Death, which still needs a new title.  I hope like heck that something emerges over the challenge.  I actually sat down and whipped out 131 words first thing over my tea this morning, which isn’t a lot, but it’s a beginning and it’s something.  I have to get 1k a day.  Gulp.  Which is why I sent my internal editor on vacation.   Wish I could take a vacation.  [sulk].  But I really am excited about this new project.  And in all honesty I’m excited to be getting back to writing daily.  I took about 7 weeks off between finishing House of Cards and starting this today.  It actually made me think about that 6 weeks you’re not supposed to get busy after giving birth (which is on my mind as two friends of mine had babies within the last 3 months).  Maybe my brain needed time to recover from birthing the last one.  Anyway, I’m all geared up to go with what constitutes an outline in my book (pantser, remember?) all worked out in Text Block Writer.  I know what I have to write.  Now I must just write it!  Or rather, now I must prepare for a meeting at the day job, but as I can squeeze it in today, I must write it…

Ready, Set, Sweat!

4 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Sweat!

  1. Good luck! I think the most challenging things for you will be:

    a) finding the time to actually write 1000 words, and

    b) if you come up to something and realize you’re not certain, being willing to be wrong, to just write it and move on, rather than stopping to hem and haw (sp?) and research.

    Remember, First Draft Mode.

    And that’s why they call me


  2. Great advice from Pot, there. I started out with only 600 words this morning and edits on my novel arrived yesterday. Oh, and I still have no idea what the hero’s name is for my NaNo project. I’m getting a little panicked.

  3. What is your NaNo project? And might I suggest the Random Name Generator over on my sidebar there under fun stuff?

  4. Best of luck! I’m taking on a little lighter load this time around, and I need to add Sven’s link on my site. I hope all goes well for you!

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