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Til Death: 1014

Daily Goal: Met!

Three days into Sweating and I’m right on target (see the nifty weekly word counter to your right).

Wyatt has arrived early to move into the B and B (incidentally I need a name for it…it’s an enormous antebellum mansion in Mississippi–please nothing with Julep, Magnolia, or Mockingbird…something grand. Suggestions?), which is irritating my heroine because he told her to expect him Monday. It’s Friday and she’s booked solid so she’s having to put him on the family floor in the room next to hers, which isn’t ready at all. Tomorrow we meet Isaac, Miss Ada’s grandson (the house was in Miss Ada’s family for over a century).

Heidi was pretty good. She was apparently off doing other things today, so I was able to get my words out without much trouble. And a pumpkin carved to boot. Captain Barbosa.

Captain Barbosa

My hubby did Jaws.


7 thoughts on “Daily Progress Report

  1. Wow! You guys have mad pumpkin carving skills. Did you use a pattern or kit for those? Congrats on the word count.

    I like understated names for gradiose places. For instance, Crown River Park is the name of both the public park and the private residential community next to it in my WiP. The town is Crown River because of (gasp!) the river running through it. (Some may call this ‘boring’ rather than ‘understated’. :D)

    What about Tarlton Hall or something like that? Are there any significant surnames the story?

  2. Yeah, I could just say we were that good, but no. We used a pattern :D.

    Yeah I’ve been trying to think of SOMETHING. I was going to use Blackridge Hall (go for the Gothic feel) but a Blackridge Hall actually exists. The surname of the family who originally owned the house was Grayson.

  3. How about something a bit French, tapping into that whole Napoleonic/Louisiana Purchase/Mississippi thing? Belle Epoque, Le Grande Demesne…

    Love the pumpkins. For some reason, the first one makes me think of a cross between Che Guevara and Ernest Hemingway!

  4. Hmm I know what you mean. I was thinking more of slightly squalid and sinister faded grandeur than frilly though. Blanche DuBois meets Interview with the Vampire.

  5. “Blanche DuBois meets Interview with the Vampire.” LOL The problem, I think, is that French is such a *pretty* language. It’s hard to sound sinister. And then again, does the meaning matter as much as the sound? Hmmm. Seanachi, you’ll have to give us your thoughts on this. 😀

  6. The meaning isn’t necessarily a big deal. It doesn’t HAVE to be Gothic, I just kinda liked the imposing presence of a name like Blackridge Hall. French names are not unheard of here. Jefferson Davis’s home is Beauvoir (which was, sadly, badly damaged during Hurricane Katrina). Most antebellum homes in the area are named for families or people or aspects of the physical landscape. You can find a list of the big ones here on the pull down menu for attractions: http://www.visitmississippi.org/cultural_historical/cultural_homes.asp
    Most of those names are just kinda…eh…

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