Farewell To The Heart…

Well I had grand intentions of entering House of Cards into RWA’s Golden Heart Award contest.  I feel very strongly about the worth of this book, though I have no idea how it might have fared against the other 1199 entries.   Then today I went to download the entry form.  $150 entry fee for non-members!  Eeeek!  So then I go look to see how much membership is.  $100.  Plus the $50 member entry fee.  Eeeghad!  Given the current state of my budget, there will be no Golden Heart entry for me.  I’ll just be going about things the traditional way and shopping for agent representation in the near future.  I’d like to do some additional work on the ending before submitting it to agents though.  My hubby and I have been discussing ways to amp up the action in the final scene and have come up with several suggestions that I really like.  I’ll get to them at some point in the next couple of months.  I’m okay with letting it sit and rest a while so that when I come back to it, I’m fresh.  Then I think I can do whatever revisions I need to do justice.

In the meantime I am totally dragging my feet on today’s words.  Bleh…

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