Am I Anti-social?

Tonight my husband is hanging out with friends and having a mass Halo 3 party.  Which means that I have hours of uninterrupted time to write.  You understand that I am elated by this given that most of the week I have to fight to squeeze in time to write and most of it isn’t uninterrupted time.  I’m a constant multi-tasker.  Anyway, when hubs informed me that he’d be gone, I was doing my inner hokey pokey in celebration.  But he was very concerned about the fact that he’d be leaving me alone for the night given that we don’t get all that much time together on weekends these days since he’s on the graveyard shift.

“I’ll be just fine,” I assured him.

But he continued on.  “I just hate to leave you here by yourself.  You never get out anymore.   You’re becoming more anti-social than I am, and that’s really saying something.”

“I’m hanging out with Jackie tomorrow.  We’re baking scones.”

“That doesn’t count.”


“Honey, I’m fine, really.  I don’t mind. You go, have a good time.”

“I wish you had more friends.”

WTF?  While it is true that quite a few of my friends with whom I hung out a lot have moved away, I’m not lacking in the friends department.  I just don’t go out or hang out a lot.  I don’t have time.  I’m too busy working 2 jobs, writing, keeping house (and it’s clean today for the first time in who knows how long), and doing all the cooking and shopping.  Quite frankly I’m tired.  If I feel the urge to go hang out with somebody, I’m perfectly capable of picking up the phone and making plans.  But truth is–the last several times I did that, I wound up wishing I was writing instead.  I was twitchy to get back to my manuscript and didn’t enjoy myself.

My husband doesn’t get this.  I can only assume that he’s all concerned about leaving me alone because he would be upset if I left him alone?  Honestly, I really don’t think he understands my need for extended alone time.  Even being a somewhat antisocial person, he really cannot fathom the fact that I am ecstatic to have the night to myself.  I hope he stays out late!  I can listen to whatever I want music-wise, write, eat food loaded with onions (which he doesn’t like), and not worry about having to pay attention to anybody but the characters in my current WIP and Pot if she’s around later.  I suppose he doesn’t count people I made up as social interaction…

I guess I’ll have to make a date with one of my girlfriends next week to make him stop worrying about me.

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