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Til Death:1005

Daily Goal: Met

Between the middle of the night phone call that my mother in law was in the ER (she’s okay, it turns out she has gallstones, which sucks but isn’t life threatening), a busy busy day at work, some frantic mad last minute pumpkin carving for the in laws (pics below), an emergency popcicle run, a stream of trick or treaters, and just lack of further inspiration, I just got stuck. So I wound up the scene and I’m putting it away. I’m hoping for a good night’s sleep and further inspiration tomorrow.  I at least made my normal daily goal, even though I didn’t make the 1500 words I needed to get my 7500 done before I leave town on Friday.

Happy Halloween everybody!

Jolly roger for dad.

And a tree frog for mom.

2 thoughts on “Daily Progress Report

  1. Glad your MIL is okay! My MIL was in a car accident a few days ago, but she’s fine (car’s not so fine). 1K is nothing to sneeze at! Wow on the pumpkins. I’m so impressed. I can’t even make a normal jack-o-lantern!

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