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Til Death: 1006

Daily Goal: Met

Yeah, so you know those grand plans I had of outlining and figuring out my suspense plot?  Didn’t happen.  Between the insanity of a necessary trip to Walmart for a “we’re out of everything” grocery run, and 4 other errands, a sprained ankle, the wrapping of the last of the gifts, the finishing of the painting of the jars for my gifts in a jar, and a few other miscellaneous and sundry things, my brain just seemed to be on the fritz.  Pot and I did some brainstorming about how to circumstantially create an impossible relationship for Wyatt and Marin and we came up with some stuff for me to chew on.  I’m hoping that it gels some more tomorrow.  I’m going to suck it up and outline some stuff.  Blah.  A lot of the circumstantial junk is orchestrated by our bad guy to drive a wedge between M and W, so I need to plot that out, figure out what he does, when it happens, etc.  I also need to figure out how the investigation of the body they found is going to play out.   My words today were hard won and not very good.  But at least they were words.  It’s something.

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