Daily Progress Report

Til Death: 528 (1509 in outline)

Daily Goal: Sort of Met

I spent about 7 hours outlining today. I figured out the evolution of my serial killer. I figured out how my hero gets set up by the bad guy. I figured out all the different things my ghost is gonna do. And I figured out why my hero starts to question his sanity. In short, I have the rest of my plot. Well mostly. I also gave myself a massive headache, so didn’t get my actual words finished. But that’s okay. I salvaged some of yesterday’s crap scene and figured out quite a few scenes from my first draft that I can actually drop into this one in a bit. That’s always a yay. I’m a little stuck on my current scene, but I may just redline it and keep going tomorrow. I even started a new Text Block Writer file to outline the whole new draft. It’ll still be a work in progress. But that’s okay. In general I’m just sort of hunky dory today.

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