Post Christmas Update

Well I haven’t written since the 23rd.  Christmas Eve and Christmas were a total loss for time.  I was just too tied up with family stuff.  And today has been the grand run around returning gifts that didn’t fit, were horrible, etc. and buying stuff that was what we actually wanted.  I managed to offend my mother by returning this really horrible shirt she bought me that I would never in a million years wear.  Normally she shrugs it off when I don’t like something clothing wise (and normally she knows me better), but for some reason she was really attached to this shirt.  God knows why.  It looked like the 70s vomited a maternity shirt–and I’m not pregnant nor do I have any intention of being so any time soon.  She kept saying that I needed to “try something new” and that “all the girls at work are wearing shirts like this” and “you dress like a secretary.”  Um, yeah that’s not the way to get me to try something new.  First, I don’t dress like a secretary.  If we are being honest here, I dress like a grad student still.  My place of employment allows me that, and frankly I like it.  My uniform is jeans or khakis and some kind of button down shirt.  I replaced the fugly shirt with 3 of my usual–one in black, one in a pretty green, and one in a sort of funky 70s pattern in blue on white (see there, I tried something different).  Second, I have never given a rat’s ass what’s in style.  If I like it, I wear it; if I don’t, I won’t.  When I bother to make myself look nice, I tend toward classic lines which are classic FOR A REASON.  Anyway, I also had some maintenance done on my car in preparation for my trip to see Pot tomorrow (woo!), broke in my new Empire Red Kitchenaid Mixer (sugar cookies–mmmm), and generally finished dealing with things around the house and trip preparations.  I downloaded the In The Garden Trilogy from the library to listen to on the drive to and from.  I probably won’t get a lot of writing actually done over the next few days, but how often do you get to hang with your crit partner (unless they are local)?  We’ll be talking about writing and brainstorming.  The irony being we probably won’t be on our computers nearly as much while with each other as we are apart.  Because usually we’re talking to each other when we’re on them.  Anyway, it’s time for me to pass out.  I need good sleep!

Oh, I did have some interesting ideas for the rewrite of House of Cards, which is probably going to turn into a quite different story from the one I finished.  I’m okay with that.  That book spanned nine years of my life.  It’s not a shock that a new draft will bring lots of changes.  Anyway I’m pleased with some of the ideas that are popping up.  Really going to sleep now.

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