Weekend Progress Report

HOC: 0

Daily goal for Saturday and Sunday: Totally not met

Well yesterday I was out of town visiting my mother and my dad and step mom.  Dad just recently returned from L.A. where he had brain surgery.  I told him he needed a new barber.  He’s doing pretty well, which is a relief.  He’s having some pretty bad headaches (obviously), but the nausea is past.  It’ll be about a month before his balance is restored.  Three months until the BAHA (bone anchored hearing apparatus) will work.  But he didn’t have any problems from the surgery.  They didn’t nick his facial nerve, which was a danger.  So yay.  Anyway I didn’t get back until late and today I intended to do some outlining for HOC but I feel lousy.  The Crud is working it’s way to my lungs, which means I’m on my way to my annual case of bronchitis.  I’ve been hacking most of the day between making 2 different soups, cleaning out the fridge and freezer, and reading.  No apologies.  Maybe I’ll come up with something tomorrow for what comes next.


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