Daily Progress Report

HOC: 89

Daily Goal: Um, yeah…not met

So yeah, I had all these grand ideas of writing my ass off after my dear hubs left for work tonight (he was going in for a 12 hour shift and went in at 7).  After yesterday’s lack of progress (yeah, it was so bad I didn’t even post a progress report), I wound up picking up where I left off with the third season of Veronica Mars.  Then after hitting the hay late, I woke up with the perfect idea for my killer’s M.O..  That actually necessitated a few additions to the existing text, which is what those 89 words were.  But I have done absolutely nothing on Chapter Five.  Know why?  Because I totally got sucked back in to Veronica Mars.  I forgot how addictive this show is!  I keep telling myself that I’ll really be better off when I get finished with this season and mail it back to Pot–then the temptation will be gone. 🙂  In any event, the other useful thing I came up with yesterday was what the next scene will actually be.  I know who the victim is, where she is found, and the disposition and staging of the body.  Woo for that.  Gotta love my husband.  He doesn’t ask questions when I call from the road and say “Hey, can you Google whether or not Maglites are waterproof?” (The answer is that the biggest models are.)  Anyway, I sincerely hope that tomorrow I can actually get going on the next scene.

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