No Progress…Well Some…

I am snowed under a grant application at work. Most of my day was spent in some sort of meeting purgatory where I had all of 30 minutes to myself for non-work related thoughts all day. By the time I finished making a grocery run (naturally, I was out of two key ingredients), fixed supper, and dealt with my class–well, I just couldn’t get my head in to the story. I had an idea at the grocery store about how I’m going to get Kensie into location for the scene I wrote last week where Collin tells his side of the story. Useful information, but I wasn’t in the mood to write that either. Pot helped me earlier come up with what’s going to happen in most of Chapter 6. Our latest victim is identified, they’ll have to notify the next of kin (her husband), whom Collin knows (that whole Mississippi is one small town thing), so that’s pretty hard on him. Everybody’s been up for hours and is exhausted. But they keep pushing through and asking questions, etc. By the time they get back Kensie’s ready to pass out, but Mal ends up taking Collin out for a beer where we get the abbreviated man-version of what happened in the past. So I theory I know what happens next. And my husband has just solved the mystery of how she’s identified, which was the big thing that was holding me up. That helps me figure out a timeline for this next chapter. After Supernatural, maybe I’ll try writing again.


It’s a few hours later.  I wound up with 554 for the day.  I’ll take it.

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