I officially miss being a student. Not so much the tests or the papers–and not even the process of learning (though I love that and would be a perpetual student if I could because I’m interested in a zillion different things), but GOD, I really miss the time OFF. Spring break. Fall break. Random 3 day weekends. Long holidays over Christmas. A few extra days over exam weeks. These were always my catch up periods. I’d give the house a thorough deep clean. Catch up on mending. Do a bunch of batch cooking and freezing of food. And make a significant dent in my To Be Read pile. I’m feeling very overwhelmed and behind on stuff these days. I don’t think I’ve touched the mending since Christmas. I do good to keep up with basic cleaning. And my TBR pile is leaning at an alarming rate. I can’t remember the last time I had time to just read. I’ve got two of Laura Childs’ teashop mysteries out on interlibrary loan and have barely had time to dip into the first one. I still have the huge stack I bought on my last trip to the used bookstore, plus most of the ones I bought in Knoxville. And what do I do with my birthday money? Buy more books. Mostly reference, however. I ordered:

So that’s about half my Wishlist of forensic texts. I’ve still got 3 on arson and 1 on forensic pathology that I want, but this is a good start.

I had another night with not enough sleep (big storm, dogs with stomach issues–Walmart HAD to be out of their regular food when I went to buy it this weekend), so my sympathies are fully with Collin this morning–he didn’t sleep much either. I’m trying really hard to stay awake and it’s not working all that well. If my office floor was not so incredibly disgusting here at work, I would totally lock the door and curl up to take a nap. But given that it IS disgusting…I have to at least make it to lunch when I can go home and crash for an hour on the sofa. I was hoping I would be more awake today so that I could catch up on the words I didn’t quite get written yesterday. Rereading last night’s work, I was getting pretty incoherent by the end. So sleepy.

6 thoughts on “Yaaaaaaaaaaaaawn

  1. Yeah I’m so not that cute right now…if I were to lay my head down on my desk I’d probably drool. Very unattractive.

  2. I think that the student life reaches out and calls all of us who have lived it back home again at some point. I spew forth the chronic comment that if I was independently wealthy I’d probably spend my time going from university to university (to small college) taking classes I found interesting…not for degrees, but just for the study opportunity. The truly ironic part about the life of the student though is the lack of recognition for free time and lack of responsibility a student TRULY has. It all feels so piled on sometimes, and yet…when you’re not sheltered by the umbrella of academia any more the natural response is nostalgia for those simpler times…

  3. I’m currently in my final semester of Grad school, working full-time and completing an internship. I would kill for some free time and a nap. 😛 I can’t wait until it’s over with!

  4. Oh yeah I remember that part of grad school too. Somehow working 3 jobs (one of them being teaching) feels busier than thesis and practicum and full class schedule did…

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