Monday Blahs

So my muse wouldn’t let me sleep last night.  I laid down about 10 or 10:30, but I spent at least an hour or two with my brain mulling over plot points, thinking about what comes next.  It was supposed to be another body–but frankly, that was rushing things a little.  So we’re going with a missing person instead–so they know who they’re looking for, and they’re racing against the clock thinking maybe they’ll manage to save this one.  It will heighten the tension, change the dynamic a bit.  And it provides some good fodder for the killer to taunt them with about 3 days forward from where I left off when he makes his second phone call–which also gives better reasoning for her to overlook the crack he makes about her husband.  I kind of have a feeling that a lot of what I wrote after the lasagna scene is going to change.  It doesn’t fit anymore with the tone of the developing relationship or the actual investigation plot.  So I need to begin moving forward with the missing person investigation, but thus far I haven’t written a word today.

It’s been a hellish day at work.  I won’t get into the details, but I generally feel like a ton of bricks has crashed down on my head.  I feel incompetent, stupid, unqualified, and absolutely incapable (none of which is actually true, but I’m hormonal and, as I said, it was an awful day).  It will get done.  But my brain hasn’t been with Collin and Kensie today.   I need to figure out something to cook for supper and then maybe I’ll be revived enough to write.   Mostly I feel like sleeping.

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