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HOC: 2240

Daily Goal: Met

Well it was a nicely productive day.  I finally started to figure out InDesign for work (which has been a big headache), and I more than made up for Monday’s lack of words.  Now the big push is to get my 7k for the week done by tomorrow night as my mother is coming on Saturday and that will be the end of my work time on the weekend.   I got the scene with the witness written and came up with a couple of other scenes I hadn’t planned on (gotta love those) dealing with sleeping arrangements (as everybody on the case is sleeping in shifts).  Collin and Kensie get stuck on the same shift and her partner sends her home with Collin because they don’t have the manpower to keep an eye on her at the moment.  Naturally they wind up all snuggled up–which mostly left me with a desire for a nap like this:

And really then I just went off on a fantasy about how gorgeous Jonathan Rhys Meyer’s eyes are…


Anyway, I figured out something else about how the hero will be framed, and kicked some ideas around with Pot about how Collin or Kensie could use themselves as bait for the killer–I might have finally hit on something that would work, would add considerably to the conflict between the two of them, and would get the killer’s attention (which is the point).

Tomorrow is Good Friday and I’m off, praise God.  Will be writing my fanny off between getting the house clean and hitting the grocery.  The plan for what’s on deck to be written is the  scene where the second victim’s car is found, and then…I’m not sure.  Leads sort of peter out after that, so probably a scene of some kind showing their discouragement as the 36 hours passes and turns to 48 (they had about 36 hours to find the current victim alive)–and then that will work it’s way into the revised lasagna scene.  So if I can get through all that tomorrow, I should be golden.  Then next week (or whenever I manage to get back to writing…maybe Saturday morning early or Sunday late), I’ll get through the next phone call from the killer, the fall out from that, the finding of the third victim’s body, the fall out from THAT, and then finally working my way up to her breakdown.  I really hope I manage to get through all this before we leave for vacation.

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