Daily Progress Report

HOC: 0

Daily Goal: Not met

We had some serious DRAMA at work today that resulted in me working until 8 PM tonight and not taking a lunch.  I haven’t had a single moment to even think about my scene, let alone write a word of it.  Tomorrow will be more fall out from the Drama when my boss comes back (abbreviated version–a colleague on one of our projects decided to start some stuff and dragged I and another co-worker into it unnecessarily when she’s really just pissed at our collective boss), so I don’t know how much I will get done tomorrow before 5, but we’ll see.  Hubby has to work a 12 hour on Sunday, so it may boil down to catching up then.  I am far enough ahead on my words this week that missing today wasn’t a big deal.  I’m just ready to move on into the rewrites of these scenes.  Need to pass out though.

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