Daily Progress Report

Til Death: 1132

Daily Goal: Met–hot diggity dog!

Actual progress to report!  Who knew?  This morning I finished what was, I think, my 3rd or 4th read through of the most recent draft of TD.  I axed the bits I wasn’t keeping, and I cut about 20 pages to stick in later on when I build back up to them.  Then I actually wrote! What a relief!  It wasn’t fantastic, and at some points it was like pulling teeth, but I wrote! I think I’m finally back into this story enough to stick with it–for a while at least.  Hopefully to the end.  I’m taking a new tack with the plot here, so I”m not quite sure what all the ramifications are yet.  But I’ve got enough to take me a ways.  Time for bed.

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