Today was better. We’ve been trying to get into a routine, to help fill up the void. Now I take Daisy for a walk in the morning before work, then take her out to my in-laws’ house for doggy day care (they have 6 fenced acres and 2 dogs). That’s helped everybody I think. And it helps to be where Angel is, even though it’s not as we’d wish her. Daisy’s getting to where she’ll go out in our yard on her own for a little while anyway–which is better than the first few days when she wouldn’t leave the couch. I took the “Do Not Disturb” sign off my office door. Each day is getting a little bit easier. We still have hard moments–points when we’re sucker punched by the fact that Angel’s not here. But it’s not constant.

We hung out with my in laws last night and all their dogs and their neighbor’s puppies. And it was nice to get puppy love. So when we came home, DH and I spent some time looking at puppy pictures. And it made him smile, which was nice to see. His family always had Alaskan Malamutes, so that’s what he was looking at. Then today a friend suggested we check out Petfinder.com, which we did. And we found two puppies at rescues that we were interested in. One was a Mal puppy and the other was half Great Pyrenees and half Mal. By 1o’clock, DH had filled out an adoption application on the half pyr/half mal. And by 9:30 we’d heard that we were approved. Kind of unexpected. So in three weeks we’ll be bringing home a new baby. How cute is she? Hubby feels conflicted and that somehow it’s too soon. But we both know we’re not replacing her. We have a lot of love to give to animals, and we need another puppy in our life. Angel knew she was loved and that she was the center of our lives and that she can never possibly be replaced. Hubby and I feel very strongly about shelter and rescue dogs. There are so many animals out there that need good homes, and it helps us to be providing one. She’s gonna be a big girl!

5 thoughts on “Healing

  1. Oh, she’s adorable! And I don’t think getting a new puppy is something you need to feel guilty about. A lot of healing can happen in 3 weeks, but pets are some of the best healing aids there are. I hope all goes well for you both.

  2. What a great, positive step, and an adorable little puppy. If you have the love and heart to share, then do so. Hugs, I hope you’re feeling better each day.

  3. Malamutes are the sweetest dogs– I had one for thirteen years, and if I ever had to get another dog they’d definitely be high on my list. Congratulations!

  4. My DH has had mals all his life, so he’s very fond of the breed. I just love dogs period… 😀

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