Weekend Writing Forecast

I wrote nothing yesterday.  That wasn’t the plan, but I had that weak my-body-is-trying-to-fight-something-off-and-I-need-to-sleep feeling going on.  So I actually took off work early and slept for four hours yesterday afternoon and still hit the hay by 11.  Was up about 7:40 with the dogs, had tea, walked (God, it’s hot!).  I did actually have a few useful thoughts regarding my plot last night, so yesterday wasn’t a total loss.  On the rest of my To Do list today is to do laundry, make a menu for the week, shop for groceries, and otherwise…write.  Hubby has to work a 7p-7a shift tonight, which means he’ll be asleep for a lot of the day today and tomorrow and gone all evening.  So plenty of alone time to get to work and make up for lost time.   Do I think I’ll make up for lost time and actually hit 7k for the week?  Unless I really hit my stride, probably not.  But I might make it up to 4 or 5k.  We shall see.  In the meantime, I shall start laundry.

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