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Til Death: 939

Daily Goal: Met

Weekly total: 3863

Weekly goal: Met

So Friday night I came home and decided I hated the love scene I worked on all last week.  The tone just didn’t fit, so that got axed.  I think I actually cut more than I wrote today.  I didn’t get a word written yesterday, but I did some work on the set up for that scene today.  Didn’t get into actually writing it-and I’m starting to avoid them like I avoid step aerobics.  I”m not worried about it until I either HAVE to write it or I get inspired to do so.  Started moving forward with afterward.  I just introduced Marin’s roommate Tate to the lead detective on the case (and Wyatt’s best friend) Spence.  They aren’t getting along.  I haven’t yet decided whether they will get their own book or be a subplot in this one.  We’ll see.  Next week is my hell week at work, so it’s time for bed.

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