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Til Death: words…don’t know how many, they were sprinkled through and entire read-through

Daily Goal: Well, I’m just getting over the stomach flu so, I’d say a full read-through is a good enough goal to meet, so Met

Recovery is a bitch.  My energy level is nil.  I was back to work today, though I probably shouldn’t have been.  Naturally, I couldn’t get sick during a time when we’re not absolutely swamped.

In any event, I’m feeling more human and am definitely on the down swing of this.  I got to eat something besides chicken noodle soup and saltines and gingerale for dinner.  Yay!

As I’ve not quite got the mental capacity to do real writing tonight (didn’t get anything done yesterday), I decided to do a read-through from the beginning.  And as usual, I fell in love with my characters all over again.  I am delighted that I still have that reaction to this story.  I started marking passages that I didn’t think were quite right, or that I didn’t like.  Did some minor revisions–cutting, rewriting lines here and there.  Fixing the occasional typo.  And I think I caught a couple of things to fix that will actually make the progression to the love scene make more logical sense.  AND, I figured out (loosely) the book that comes after this one in the series.  See, Marin is having a hard time getting the local Sheriff’s Department to DO anything about her problem–and as it will ultimately turn out, there’s some serious corruption going on in the county government.  Well Wyatt’s friend Spence has a sister, Jessie, who’s an attorney (or maybe she’s finishing law school and is clerking for the county, I haven’t decided) and she uncovers evidence of embezzlement where she’s working (and I don’t know what all else).  Anyway, she doesn’t know who she can trust or how far up the ladder this thing goes, so she winds up taking all the evidence to none other than Marin’s wiz bang business brilliant brother Carter.  Match!  So their book will come second.  And in it, we’ll get to meet Collin, the new detective on the force who is the one who manages to bring the whole thing crashing down.  And then third we’ll have Collin and Kensie’s story.  And by then, hopefully, I will be where I need to be to actually write Collin and Kensie’s story.  And if Spence and Tate get their own book, theirs will come fourth.  But I haven’t decided on that yet.  Need to though, as if they’re going to be a subplot in this one I need to actually incorporate it!  I have such fun with all these permutations and spinoffs.  Time to get this still recovering author to bed.

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