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Til Death: 530

Daily Goal: Met

I wound up rewriting yesterday’s scene in Wyatt’s head, which worked considerably better.  I have a nightmare coming up next, but I’m not quite sure how that plays out, and since I already met my word count for the week I started on Tribute. I had a hard time getting out of editing mode and found several instances of commas before “and” when there was no subject to the clause following that made me wonder if they suddenly changed the grammar rule about that.  But after a couple of chapters, when the hero got introduced I got sucked in enough to get beyond it.  Now hubby’s home from his evening with the boys and we’re continuing our Buffy fest.

I had a few thoughts about some of my supporting cast in Til Death tonight though.  I had originally planned to hook Tate and Spence up, either in a subplot or their own book, but I started to realize tonight that I don’t think they’re right for each other.  I think they’re going to have a flirtation in this book, but I think ultimately they want different things.  So if they each appear in a future book as mains, it won’t be for each other.  So I don’t know who their matches are.  Officially, the next book will start Marin’s brother Carter and the woman I have envisioned as his match…but I don’t know how it will play out, nor do I know enough about either of their characters to say whether that will work out.  But one book at a time!

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