Daily Progress Report

Til Death: 169 + full read-through and copious notes

Daily Goal: Met

So I got nothing done on my class today (bad me), for which I will be paying tomorrow, but I wanted to do the read through to verify whether I got off on my plot lines where I thought I did.  I’ve devised a stronger beginning (I think) for Chapter One, which will actually provide me with better support for one of my plotlines.  I also reminded myself of two plot lines that I TOTALLY dropped the ball on.  I’ve come up with some places to expand the timeline, which makes the relationship more believable, I think.  I’ve already made those changes to the text.  Now I need to do some serious plotting with those two plot lines I dropped the ball on so that I can more effectively weave them into the overall plot.  I’m in the dreaded middleground, so I was really ripe for a Brain Doll Takeover.  But now I think I’m getting back on track.  Shame I need to spend all day tomorrow doing what I was SUPPOSED to do on my class today…

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