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Well I didn’t make it through my read-through.  DH wound up not having band practice, so I didn’t get my 4 hour stretch tonight to play.  But I made it through the first 70 pages or so, and I’ve made copious notes on changes, additions, and alterations.  I’ve come up with some ways to slow down their relationship, work in some of the other scenes relating to various other threads, stretch out the timeline, and generally improve the overall flow.  So I guess my overall goal for the week is going to be finishing that read through and hopefully filling in some more of those holes.  I’ve got to finish stuff with my class on Saturday (when the site goes back up and I can update) before it goes live on Sunday.  There’s a family birthday Saturday afternoon, and I’ve got a baby shower to attend Sunday evening, so I don’t expect to get any writing done until Monday.  It’s also on my to do list to reclaim my office this weekend.  There’s a day bed arriving next week, meaning we have to get the futon sold and a couple of chairs taken to my mother’s for storage…  Lots to do.

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  1. I agree. Anymore, I rely on Netflix for TV programming, because there are plenty of classic and ongoing series on DVD worth watching. Netflix even gets some classic series for online viewing, before they get to DVD. And you can get one of those $99 Netflix TV converter boxes by Roku so you can watch them in your living room.

    So between Netflix and my stack of books I read and a few select ongoing shows, I get all the entertainment and inspiration I need.


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