I was all set to write a lengthy post about everything I have been doing instead of writing or plotting thisweekend, along with all the trials and tribulations and irritations I’ve had doing them.  It’s been a weekend for catching up on stuff.  It’s left me exhausted and in a vile mood, which, let’s face it, you hardly want to have spewed on you.

Then I got a phone call.  My friend Nell gave birth to a healthy baby boy at 11:58 AM today.  Gabriel Hayden is 7 pounds 2 ounces and 21 inches long.  Welcome to the world little guy!

I’m now grinning like an idiot, bad mood dissipated.  Isn’t it wonderful when good news comes and obliterates bad moods?

Anyway, other than a large pile of mending and the anchoring and filling of the shed, and the building of the mailbox post, everything else is done.  This was my weekend:


  • shopping with Mom in Memphis (got some new clothes on super duper sale at Macys, some new dress shoes [God help me, I don’t understand women who can spend $80 on a single pair of shoes without blinking–I’m still reelin], some new sheets and a matress pad for the new daybed, a new seagrass toybox for all the dog toys, and a handful of other kitchen things


  • cleaned the kitchen
  • cleaned out the fridge
  • did all the dishes
  • installed the last of the cabinet drawer organizers
  • cleaned the bathroom
  • vacuumed and dust mopped the floors
  • Windexed all glass and mirrors
  • put away all miscellaneous crap that has been accumulating (well not quite all of it)
  • changed out the cabinet hardware in the bathroom
  • did 2 loads of laundry
  • changed the sheets on the bed
  • put the daybed together
  • went to Lowes and Walmart (we won’t talk about the latter)
  • caulked the shed
  • hauled all the assorted boxes and trash to the street for garbage day
  • and finally, at long last, had a nap

So, at least I have been super productive and got a lot of things off my plate, which makes me feel better.  I’m at that “I can’t take it anymore, stuff MUST BE FINISHED!” mode.  But that’s good because that means stuff will get done and finished instead of put off more (which, in general, drives me nuts).  Sometime this week the Home Depot gift cards I ordered with the rewards points on my credit card will come in, and we’ll be making a run to Tupelo to buy a new dishwasher (thank you GOD) and pick up the matress for the new daybed.  Then I can fully reclaim my office, which will go a long way toward saving the rest of my sanity.

Hoping to get back to writing tomorrow.

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