Daily Progress Report

Til Death: 116

Daily Goal: Well, not met, but started back anyway

It’s the first thing I’ve written of actual prose in…two weeks?  Pot asked me recently what the purpose was of daily writing if I wasn’t getting anything usable.  Well, this is it.  To avoid performance anxiety and paralysis of staring at the screen.  Because it’s like if I take more than a day off, I forget entirely what I’m doing.  Oy.  So today was slow (and yeah, totally distracted by season 6 of Buffy).  But at least I’m started back.  I made the decision to open a new file.  I prefer to work in chronological order, and all the revisions I have planned are all over the place.  Lots of new scenes to write, several to alter.  It’s intimidating.  So I’ll start at the beginning, write and revise things as I go, and paste in the old material as it comes up.  That way I’m looking at it as it builds and don’t have so much to distract and intimidate me.  So we’ll see how it goes tomorrow.  I’m not setting my epectations super high, but maybe if I can ease back into it and get double the words tomorrow and double that the day after…in a week or so I’ll be back to where I should be productivity wise.  I have direction again after my two week’s off, so yay for that.  Time for bed.

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