Daily Progress Report

Til Death: 231

Daily Goal: sort of met

Well I had hoped to get double yesterday’s words and I did.  Tomorrow we’ll aim for double this.  I’m working my way through a new scene–the first in my killer’s head.   I probably could have gotten a full 500 or more if I’d been by myself, sans Buffyfest.  My productivity is going to go way way up when we finally finish this mass Buffyfest.  We’re in Season 6 a couple episodes past Once More With Feeling.  God, how I love that episode!  It makes me wish my own life were a musical.  Because sometimes I just feel like bursting into song.  Usually that’s when I cue up my Broadway playlist and sing a lot in my car.  And yeah, I confess that when my characters go off in brain doll territory, they totally have song and dance numbers.  I need to go tap my way into bed.

2 thoughts on “Daily Progress Report

  1. Thanks for the cheerleading 😀 It’s always hard to break out of the paralysis that a streak of time away causes.

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