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Til Death: 138

It just wasn’t working for me today.  I’m in crisis management mode at work (will be going in again tomorrow to work on some stuff), and I’ve just been busy and tired and interrupted.  After doing the big grocery buying trip (twice a month), I came home, fixed supper, then DH’s friend came over, and they’ve been making music (at least they’re GOOD musicians)–so that’s been distracting.  I attempted to replace the plug that my dog chewed off my floor lamp in the office, except the plug that I bought was apparently made for lamps and electronics from the 70s because I don’t own a single electric anything with wires that thin.  I tried shaving off some of the insulation on the wire to make it fit, plugged it in, blew the fuse, and then blew up the plug.  Waste of $2.  I did manage to successfully replace the socket that was out on another lamp, so at least I’ve got pretty decent light in my office now.  Then my mother called, I started laundry, and…I’m just so not in the zone.  I’m tired and sleepy.  So I think I’m going to curl up on the new day bed and crack open one of my new book purchases.

I’ve been searching out other books that represent the sort of niche I’m going to be aiming for with my books–romantic suspense set in Mississippi or the Deep South (in places other than New Orleans or Atlanta or other big southern cities) that’s actually written by southerners.  So far I’m not finding much.  I don’t know if that means it doesn’t really exist or if I just don’t know how to search for them.  Either way, it looks like I won’t have a lot of competition for writing exactly what I want to write, which is good in a sense and bad in others.  Anyway, I am totally open to suggestions.  So far I’ve picked up one of Brenda Novak’s Mississippi trilogy (apparently the second, so I hope that you don’t have to read them in order), and another book by Beverly Barton.  Anybody know of some others?

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  1. I think I read the second (Novak Dead book) first and as it was the one about the brother, I liked it. I read the first one second and I didn’t feel like it had messed anything up for me. I don’t think it’s going to be exactly what you’re looking for in that, not only does it follow a family, but the stories are about how they were and continue to be affected by an event in their shared past. I really liked what’s his name, the brother (it was a while ago and I’m so lazy),who was all brawny farmer hottie (ok, lazy and simple). If you get to the third one, let me know and we’ll have a read-along.

    Of course if I’m thinking of a different trilogy then this comment will make no sense at all.

  2. No idea. There’s something about a dead preacher who was a step father or something and a bunch of people think the hero Clay did it. Or something. I haven’t read it yet. Working on the Beverly Barton book first.

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