Novella Questions & A Daily Progress Report

Til Death: 227

I spent some time today starting a wiki for my potential NaNo project this year and started fleshing out my snowflake method outline.  We’ll see how it turns out.  I wound up spending most of my free time tonight reading the first novella in Irish Magic.  I was not impressed.  There were only two actual meetings with the hero and we never even find out his name.  It was totally one of those “fate” stories where you have to make a lot of assumptions, and overall it left me not very satisfied.  Pot had warned me that I probably won’t like novellas because I prefer more complex stories.  We’ll see how the other 3 go as I get to those.  I did like the fact that I could pretty much read it in one sitting.  We’ll see.

Do any of you know of any romantic suspense novellas out there?  I’d love some suggestions.  I haven’t ever really read novellas before and I could really use some suggestions.  The ones I’ve got on my shelves are more brief fantasy/paranormal romance oriented.  I’d like to see some suggestions for other things to read.

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