Kidnapped By The Black Dagger Brotherhood

When I went home at lunch today, I found an unexpected package.  Now I have to tell you, I absolutely love getting stuff in the mail (and by stuff I mean packages or real mail, not bills–no one likes bills).  So when I saw my name on the front and a postmark from Germany, I got uber excited.  One of my pals is there with her 14 month old son while her husband is stationed in Iraq.  She was returning some books she’d borrowed from me and sending along a few more for my enjoyment.  And what did she send me?

The first two books in The Black Dagger Brotherhood.  Leslie and I had had a lengthy discussion about these books before they shipped out, and I thought she was going to pass out from shock that I hadn’t read them yet.  They’re one of those things I’ve heard loads about and fully intend to read–at some point.  But I’ve really focused on trying to spend my limited reading time on stuff that’s in my genre.

But now they’re here.  In my house.  On my coffee table.  Calling my name.

So I’m going to set the other romantic suspense options I was about to begin (a Maggie Shayne and an Allison Brennan) back on the TBR pile to dive into J.R. Ward.

I know, I’m probably the absolute last person in the Western Hemisphere to read these books.  But hey, better late than never.

What books have you heard lots about and keep meaning to get to but haven’t yet?

4 thoughts on “Kidnapped By The Black Dagger Brotherhood

  1. I’m interested to see your thoughts about the BDB. I recently read them myself and love love loooovvvvve them. Total surprise to me how good they were. I just happened to pick them up to kill some time before the new Laurell K. Hamilton and Sherrilyn Kenyon books are released. Totally smitten.

  2. Well I love BDB and I can’t get enough if you only have the first two then I will recommend that you go get the thrid book about Z — After reading all the books Z and Butch are my all time favorite. So much so that I have read them at least three times each.

    But I have read Sherrilyn Kenyon but not Laurell K. Hamilton — is their one book I should start with.

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