Cheap Date

DH and I went riding again today. Borrowed his dad’s Suzuki M109R for a trip up to Chocktaw Lake. With luck it will only be a couple more weeks until Hubby’s own bike is back up and running. With gas prices down, we spent $7.43 for a pleasant, cheap date. Why has this become my favorite Sunday afternoon activity?

  1. I’m the passenger and this all works out really well because I get to hold on to my hubby for the duration of the ride
  2. I’m not expected to converse
  3. I can enjoy the pretty scenery
  4. I can let my mind wander and plot in my head
  5. Did I mention I get to snuggle up to hubby?

    We used to ride a lot when we were younger, but when we got married and moved off, we had no garage, so his motorcycle stayed at his parents and sat. And sat. And sat. Then we moved back and it needed to be rebuilt. That’s been a long process, as it’s a 1971 BMW R75/5 and given that it’s an antique, it’s a bit harder to find parts than it used to be. Anyway, we’re looking forward to having it up and running again. Our couple friends have recently gotten interested in motorcyling together (he’s been riding, but his wife has been wary). We foresee camping trips! Wee!

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