A Gift From Mr. Sandman

I had really really strange dreams last night.  Allen said when he woke me up this morning I told him “I couldn’t find the wolves.”  What I remember was something about being on horseback in the snow somewhere in eastern Germany and knowing I was supposed to be some kind of sacrifice for the village.  There was also some garbled thought about being surrogate mother to a litter of wolf cubs.  No idea.

But me being me, I started toying with the idea of tourists being used as some kind of sacrifice by a village in east Germany to the pack of werewolves there.  It started out as a joke.  I was telling Zoe about my dream this morning and snarking that “hey that would be far more fun if the wolf were really a sexy shapeshifter”…and my brain just tok off.  And by 10 or so this morning, I had 2000 words of notes, character names, the beginnings of a spewdraft outline, the backstory, premise, and quite a bit of goal/motivation/conflict.  Apparently, my next project is going to be a paranormal romantic suspense.  I decided to allow myself today to write as much as possible for the Tangent Notebook before going back to Til Death tomorrow.

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