It’s Begun!

Well, yesterday during a marathon cooking session, I finally got started on Hunted In Shadow.  I’m at my mother’s presently.  She had knee surgery yesterday morning, so I was filling up the freezer with whatever she wanted.  I have to say, I’m so lucky that I didn’t know as a child what I know now about food and cooking because it would have been bad.  I swear, I don’t know where I came from.  Certainly not from this plebeian palette.  Everything was meat, cheese, and bread.  The only vegetable in the house was onions and green beans.

In any event, I finished out the day with a modest 654 words that were, I thought, a pretty decent attempt since I haven’t written a word of prose since December.

I’ll be on the road and involved in wedding activities for the next two days, so I doubt I will be adding any words to the draft until Sunday at the earliest.  But I feel good having started.

I am also feeling rather smart.  As you know from yesterday’s post, I had my domain of forward here.  Which was all well and good, except that for the hosted blog everybody had  That address, instead of forwarding straight here, just changed the domain part of the address and left the /wordpress on the end, which didn’t exist on this site.  So I wound up creating a page titled WordPress and gave an explanation that if they had landed there, they’d been a victim of funky domain forwarding that I hadn’t figured out how to fix yet; I’d moved; and would they please update their blogroll or bookmark or feed.  And it worked!  I’m pretty pleased with myself.  Now, anybody who comes to me through the old address from someone’s not updated blogroll link will still wind up in the right place and know what’s going on.

Must shower and away.

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