Wedding Day Thoughts

I am sitting here this morning with a glorious and steaming cup of tea–beverage of the gods as far as I am concerned…none of that coffee stuff–and watching one of my best friends get her hair done for her wedding, which is at 3 this afternoon.  She’s the last of my college crew to get married.  I’d be a bridesmaid but for the fact that the groom ran out of groomsmen.  So I was the stand-in bride instead, which meant I got all the fun and none of the stress or another $150 blue dress to add to my collection of five. 

It’s hard to watch one of your best friends get married and not think about your own wedding or romance in general.  Despite the hellacious torture of dress shoes, I love weddings.  I love seeing my friends walk down the aisle with that unmistakable and beautiful grin just for their other half.  It makes all the stress that is attendent on throwing a wedding so worth it.  Of course my entertaining thought as I was falling asleep last night was of a fluffyverse sequel to my present book where Marley is planning a traditional wedding to her mate. 

And then, of course, there is the romantic suspense I’ve got on the backburner for someday in the future where a serial killer picks his victims at weddings.  It says a lot that as the mother of the bride handed me the cake cutting knife to put in a box of stuff to take to the reception site yesterday that my first thought was “oh, this would make a good murder weapon.”  I am probably seriously disturbed on some level. 

Weddings and associated events are also GREAT places to look for characters.  There are always at least a few.  The groom’s crazy aunt.  The grandfather who carried out a promise made to his grandson in high school and giving the groom a 40th anniversary red Mustang.  The self-assured and elegant cousin of the bride.  Sometimes I think southern weddings are even better souces of characters…but I’ve not been to weddings elsewhere, so I’ve got no room to judge.

What’s your favorite thing about weddings?

2 thoughts on “Wedding Day Thoughts

  1. The receptions are my favorite part! It’s funny to see people of all generations dancing together, eating together, etc. All too often families are split by generation or gender, but at a wedding it’s a free-for-all. I love it!

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