The Bad News

So…yeah.  It’s the flu.  I haven’t had the flu in years.  The last time I took some of that occillococinum (or however you spell it) and knocked it out in 3 days before it got really bad.  Not so this time.  Apparently the CDC issued a thing at noon yesterday saying that Tamaflu is not working on this year’s strain, so don’t prescribe it.  They’re having everybody take something else instead.  It starts with an R…don’t remember.  Anyway, I had to wait until today to get it as nobody had it.  I finally got home by about 4:30 yesterday, took my prescription ibuprofen and my cough syrup with codeine and anti nausea stuff and promptly passed out.  Other than rising for food, drugs, drink, and potty, I’ve been asleep from 5 yesterday until 10:30 morning.  Yeah…I really was underslept.  I feel some better today.  Got the rest of my drugs and some sick food at the grocery. I always have to have saltines, orange sherbet and gatorade.

On the plus side, I’ve undone whatever damage I did to my diet with my birthday and the wedding festivities.  And I checked with this nurse practitioner to see if they will treat the sinus infection/bronchitis with a steroid shot and antibiotics (which is what I KNOW works for me), and they do.  So next time I have the annual crud, I have somewhere to go.  And also on the plus side, I’ve been ordered to stay home until Monday.  So finally going to catch up on sleep, which is also a major plus.

My husband has been fussing at me because I’ve been cleaning today.  But for Pete’s sake, if I’m going to be stuck here all week, it’s going to be clean.  It had already reached critical mass of what I could stand BEFORE I left town last week.  I didn’t do EVERYTHING, but I had to combat the dog hair and vacuum, windex all the tables, throw away trash, put away the laundry, put away the clean dishes, load the dishwasher, start the last load of laundry, and lysol the heck out of everything.  Now I can deal with being here the rest of the week.

I’ll probably be on blog holiday while I get better, so I’ll see you next week.

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