In Search Of Good Novellas

I’ve been trying to get some reading done lately.  I’ve been dipping into Kelley Armstrong’s Stolen, which I’m enjoying, but haven’t gotten far in because I don’t have much time to really read.  And I was listening to Christine Feehan’s Dark Prince on audio book, but I got bored with the lengthy and redundant descriptions of love making.  I really wish she’d get back to the assassins.  What I have managed to finish lately are novellas.  I zipped through Kerry Allen’s freebie last week.  And I’m nearly finished listening to Kay Hooper’s C.J.’s Fate.

I have never been a big novella fan.  I think I talked about this in a previous post at some point.  I tend to prefer meatier reads with more plot.  But just now, novellas really seem to be the order of the day.  They fit perfectly with my short attention span just now, and I am enjoying the fact that I’m actually getting them finished.  It gets wearing to have a book drag on just because you don’t have the time to finish it.  I think it took me almost a month to finish listening to the last audiobook I read, just because I wasn’t in the car for long enough stints to get much listened to!

So here’s a call to the rest of you.  I’m looking for some good novellas to read.  I’m on a paranormal kick, but that’s not mandatory.  I’ll settle for anything that’s entertaining.  Recommendations please!

3 thoughts on “In Search Of Good Novellas

  1. I just bought a copy of the Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance the other day, that looks good: Kelley Armstrong, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Cheyenne McCray, Carrie Vaughn, Anya Bast, Maria V. Snyder, Jeaniene Frost, and Rachel Caine are some of the authors in it. 🙂

  2. Ohhhhh a pox on you! You’re evil for this one. I’m in research/inspiration mode so of course I had to follow that link. Evil woman!

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