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I’ve been pondering what to blog about since I got up in the dark and early this morning to walk (yay me–I’ve burned 404 calories so far today).  Apart from my general Monday apathy, I didn’t find anything inspiring when I prowled through my Bloglines this morning.  Everybody’s getting ready to head down to the Romantic Times convention in Orlando (yeah, I’m jealous) and a bunch of folks are talking about their favorite TV line up.  And here it is almost 2 o’clock and nada.

What’s on my mind, apart from the imminent end of the semester (thank you God), is my upcoming trip to Savannah.  DH is taking me for a long weekend for our 6 year anniversary.  This is a vacation designed entirely around me (how awesome is that?).  We’re going on the Paula Deen tour and have lots of walking planned (which might burn off an iota of what all we’re going to eat while there).  I’ve never been to Savannah before except in books.  Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil and High Noon spring to mind.  It’s always seemed like a really fascinating place with a fantastic history to draw on.

So my plan while I’m there, apart from keeping a sharp eye out for Paula or her sons (because hey, I’m a foodie and if there’s a photo op, I’m not passing it up), is going to be lots and LOTS of pictures.  My Canon XTi is all set to go, spare lenses and all.  Apart from my natural inclination toward hobby photography, I love photographing potential locations.  Someday I’ll probably set a book in Savannah.  While I’m there, I’ll probably also jot down snippets of description, the sounds, the smells, conversations.   And I confess to playing a lot of What If? when I travel.  It’s all fodder for a future story.

What about you?  Do you like to look for inspiration on location?

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  1. Savannah is absolutely gorgeous. Was there for a week for SCAD’s summer program 3-4 years ago. Had a blast. 🙂 Hope you enjoy the trip-do share the pictures!

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