Home Again, Home Again

Well we got back from our vacation to Savannah last night, which I had mixed feelings about.  I seriously missed my bed–the one at the hotel didn’t have a properly fitted matress pad and every time you rolled over it would pop off one corner– and my dogs, who are pretty much our children.  But I’ll miss the lovely coastal breezes and all the fantastic places to eat.  Savannah is definitely an eating town (and I’ve got a 3.5 pound gain to prove it).  We liked it so much, we added it to our list of possible places to move when hubby finishes his degree.

Overall it was a fun trip.  We hit up Kevin Barry’s for fish and chips and live Irish music from the likes of Frank Emerson (award winning indie/folk musician from southern Ireland) our first night there, which was tremendous fun.  Saturday was our outdoorsy day.  We spent the morning hiking around Skidaway Island State Park, followed up by a few hours at Oatland Wildlife Center, where I got some fantastic shots of their pack of 6 wolves.  Thank God for zoom lenses.  Absolutely gorgeous animals.  I’ll be posting pics later, after I have time to process them.  The afternoon brought us to a sunset dolphin cruise, which was gorgeous (even though we only found one dolphin) and led to some amazing sunset photos.  It was such a successful day photography wise that my arms, shoulders, and back were aching by the end of the day from the constant use (my 300mm zoom lens is HEAVY)!  That night we had burgers at The Distillery, which were fantastic.  I recommend the sweet potato fries.  Sunday was Paula Deen day when we went on the Paula Deen Tour offered by Old Savannah Tours.  It was a good day, but not exactly what we expected.  For anyone considering going on the trip, I’ve written up a post about all the things I wish I’d known about it before I booked.  Anyway, the food was, not surprisingly, amazing and accounts for at least half the weight I came home with.  I commemorated our dinner at The Lady and Sons with a T-shirt that says Chicken Tastes Like Butter.

Anyway, it’s back to the Evil Day Job this morning (I am not excited by this and wish that I had another day to recover from the trip), and back to the healthy food wagon.  That part I’m actually glad about.  Too much fat and salt and grease the last few days, as well as the inevitable junk that inherently goes along with car trips.  It’s finals week for all my classes, so I’ve got lots of grading to do and final grades to calculate.  I expect it to be a very light week on the writing front and am setting no goals or expectations for myself.  LOTS to do.  Once I get all the final grades turned in, I have about 3 weeks of down time during which I have to see about getting my motorcyle learner’s permit–but that’s a story for another day.

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