Ebooks vs. Dead Tree Books: Less Exciting Without Physical Product?

I’ve been loosely following all the dire predictions about the publishing industry since the economy started to tank.  It’s been interesting to see all the assorted takes on the role epublishing is going to play in the New World Order of Books.  Some people are convinced that ebooks are the wave of the future and that Dead Tree Books will be going the way of the dodo.  Others are convinced that Dead Tree Books will always be around (I personally hope that is the case).  But regardless of the ultimate fate of which format rules the publishing roost, you can’t deny that epublishing is a serious up and comer.  And I have started to consider that possibly when I do finally get published, it may be as an ebook.

I can’t decide how I feel about that.

Certainly it will not diminish the excitement of getting The Call.  I’ll still be distributed, still have cover art (hopefully kick ass cover art), still have a summary blurb.

But one of the things that has always been a part of my dream of being published (though not the driving reason behind the desire) is being able to hold my published Dead Tree Book in my hands.  A physical culmination of that dream.  Having my work come out as an ebook wouldn’t fulfill that particular dream.

Now certainly the whole reason I write is because I have stories to tell.  Stories that I want others to read and share.  Publishing is such a tough business that beggers can’t be choosers.  If ebooks are how I can reach readers, then I will be thrilled to do so.

And yet…

So I’m taking of poll of other writers, published and unpublished.  Do you think being published in ebook format is any less exciting than being published in a real physical book, be it hardback or mass market paperback?

P.S.  Whoever comments next will be my 1000th legitimate comment.  That’s kind of cool.

2 thoughts on “Ebooks vs. Dead Tree Books: Less Exciting Without Physical Product?

  1. Well, I am only published in a chapter of a book, but it was much more exciting than being published in an electronic format to me. Whether or not it was accurate, it made me feel like a legitimate writer. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that writers with e-books aren’t legitimate, though. Readers are readers are readers!

    As someone who doesn’t have as much time to sit in front of the computer as I used to, I REALLY appreciate paper books. It is much more realistic that I’ll get them read as opposed to things online. It used to be the other way around.

  2. I’ve published in some magazines and I think e-books are less exiting. In my opinion e-books must attract the readers, then they will be inviting for writers. If there’s an editor who wants to replace books he has a lot of work to do! I’m sure that e-books and books will coexist at best.

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