Land of the Uninteresting

That’s my life today.  I am tied up in staff meetings all morning–which are interminable when we have no real business to discuss and tend to run REALLY long when there IS real stuff to go over.  And it all focuses on me, so no zoning out to plot while I’m bored.  Sigh.

However, I DID have a fantastically productive day yesterday.  I was shooting for 800 words and ended up with 2300.  I finished out the blankety blank love scene (the afterward part) and wrote the entire next scene, which is the Point of No Return when my heroine finds out that her best friend and her lover–well, they aren’t human.  I’ve been eagerly awaiting this scene for MONTHS.  And it was so much fun to write.  I did go off on a snark tangent (since I had to repress it last week during the oh so serious love scene), some of which had to be removed.  Keepers included:

All three of them eyed Marley warily as if they expected her to start speaking in tongues or spewing pea soup.  As if she was the crazy one.  The world had gone mad and the night was still young.  Anything was possible.


“Married.”  Whatever she’d expected Anya to say, it wasn’t that.  My lover is a werewolf, and I let him bite me.  I was kidnapped by aliens.  Jimmy Hoffa turned up in Milwaukee, and I was sent to cover the story. Not I went to Vegas and got married.

The rest of them had to go as it detracted from the holy shit scary factor I was going for.  It’s still not quite got the urgency I want, but that’ll come later during revisions.  I’m very pleased with the first draft pass.

In other positive news, I finally got paid for my first freelance copy editing job.  It wasn’t much, but it was well timed.  It will pay for my gas and writer’s retreat costs this weekend.  I am uber psyched and can’t WAIT, so Friday needs to hurry on up.

Ooh, boss is calling.  Time for the Meeting That Will Never End.

3 thoughts on “Land of the Uninteresting

    1. Ha, yes I am very pleased to have gotten paid. I’m not sure if they will be using me again or not. A colleague said that they were very pleased with me, but they haven’t communicated at all, so…shrug. We’ll see. Just happy to have gotten this pay check!

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