Back From The Retreat

My how the traffic drops off when I am not here to post.

I am home from my writer’s retreat, exhausted, happy, and much enriched by the company of so many amazing writers.  Thank you ladies for all the hours of fabulous cheese and private baloney.  Yeah, don’t ask.  You totally had to be there.

I am also completely and totally brain dead, so this week is officially declared a Reading Week to allow my brain to recover and to process the new material I wrote at the retreat.  I broke 40k on the first draft, which is approaching the halfway point, and I’m pleased with that progress.  I wound up with nearly 8k last week.

In other news, I had several Twitter buddies miss me while I was gone, which was nice to hear.  I missed them too.  I was sans interwebz from Friday til Sunday night.  Apart from frequent exclamations that we missed or Google or IMDB, we all miraculously survived the lack and were quite productive.

And I came home to a new foster dog.  Clearly my husband can’t be left alone…  Kidding.  I knew about him before I got home.  He’s a German shepherd of indeterminate age–young but not puppy.  Very sweet and very gentle.  Already house trained.  He adores Callie, and even Daisy tolerates him until he tries to get near her sofa.  I’m calling him Jasper.  If not for the very pertinent fact that he is a climber and can and has gone straight over our chain link fence, I suspect we’d think about keeping him.  But we definitely can’t afford to replace our fence.  And we really can’t afford the start up vet costs of a new dog.  I was pleased today to find a rescue program run through our vet school here that we can apply for.  He’d get fully vetted and neutered, and they will transport him north to a home that wants him.  It’s ideal really.  So hopefully they will accept him.

Must go force brain to work for evil day job…

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