The Novel Post Initiative October Participant Roster!

Woo, I’m excited by how many people have turned out for October’s NPI!  I feel I am in excellent company :D.  A few of you have already turned in your word counts for Day 1, which leads me to realize that there are a bunch of Aussies in the bunch and you’re a day ahead of me!  So for my own sanity’s sake in keeping track of everybody’s word count, if you could be so kind as to give the date you’re reporting for when you comment or tweet at me, that would help tremendously.  If you’re not already following me over there, I’m (big shock) kaitnolan.  Don’t forget, if you are reporting via tweet, use #NovelPI as your hashtag so I can find it.  And just in case make it an @kaitnolan reply to me.  Between the two, hopefully Tweetdeck and my keyword notifier will catch all the updates!

Without further ado, the participants! (And because I still really want an even 20 participants, if you decide later today that you want to sign up, let me know and I’ll add you–just know you do have words to turn in today!  Amie Stuart womaned up and gave me 20)

1. Who: Me

Title: Shadows of the Past

In for: 500 words (I really waffled about this.  I was going to do 650, which would put me finished with my current novella in mid-November if I kept up that pace.  Then I kind of froze at that.  I was going to do 350 as an NPI second timer just to take the pressure off.  But realistically, my self imposed daily minimum has, for a long time, been 500 words, so I’ll stick with that)

2. Who: Merrilee Faber

Title: Pish Posh

In for: 350 words

3. Who: Janette Dalgliesh

Title:  Starstruck

In for: 250 words

4. Who: Francesca Amendolia

Title:  Jumping for Joy

In for: 350 words

5. Who: Blackbirdsong

Title: The Call

In for: 250 words

6. Who: Julie K.

Title:  Pretty Souls

In for: 350 words

7. Who: LeaAnn S.

Title:  The Perfect Ten

In for: 250 words

8. Who: Stace

Title: Angel

In for: 250 words

9. Who: Magda Ess

Title: Painted Blind

In for: 250 words

10. Who: Deniz B.

Title: a book about Rose, no title yet

In for: 250 words

11. Who: Alecia Burke

Title: Happy Medium

In for: 250 words

12. Who: Danniele

Title:  Small Town Secrets 2

In for: 250 words

13. Who: Newtowritinggirl

Title: Holiday

In for: 250 words

14. Who: Shawn Hansen

Title: Face Lift

In for: 250 words

15. Who: Naomi

Title: The Long Way Home

In for: 250 words

16. Who: Rene

Title: Cerulean Fire

In for: 250 words

17. Who: Emma D

Title: Whimsy

In for: 250 words

18. Who: Arkansas Cyndi

Title: Texas Two Step

In for: 250 words

19. Who: Keri Ford

Title: The Heir’s Return

In for: 250 words

20. Who: Amie Stuart

Title: Redemption Road

In for: 250 words

9 thoughts on “The Novel Post Initiative October Participant Roster!

  1. Didn’t want to do it . . . didn’t wanna . . . Today is the 1st? Oh no . . . Lunchtime writing – 708! Okay, so maybe I can pull this off, studying and writing too . . .

  2. As for today… 400! It’s hard to tell, since I’m still drafting in longhand, and I’d roughly estimated each page of my little notebook as c.70 words – but I switched pens yesterday and write smaller with this one, so I ended up with 400 with barely a pause for thought! I’m loving this! Just hope I use all these scenes later…

  3. 350 words on 5 October! (Am I the only one posting here? I’m not on Twitter yet…) I also learned something – I write much more linearly when I write nearly every day. Less chunks to link up later on!

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