Sunday Summary

  1. The best part about a girl’s weekend: You can have cookie dough for dinner and breakfast and no one can criticize you for it.  Mmmmm.
  2. It’s been a slow but steady week, saleswise.  As of this moment, I have sold 262 copies this month, which is almost a 350% increase over last month.  It’s looking like I’m on track to sell nearly 400 copies for the month, which will put me at 500 overall.  Pretty heady stuff.
  3. I’ve hung out in the low 1000s or just under, with a low rank of 717 (which happened at a point I didn’t see, so no screenshot, but Novelrank tells me it is so).  I’ve consistently stayed on the first or second pages of all three of the category best seller lists I’m on, which also pleases me immensely.
  4. This past week I reached 20 reviews!  Thank you so much to all who helped me get there!  I’ve just finished calculating entries and did a drawing on  The winner of the $10 Amazon gift card is Lauralynn Elliott! Lauralynn, dash me an email at kaitnolanwriter (at) and we’ll make arrangements to get that to you.
  5. Interestingly enough, after the big push to get to 20, sales seem to have stabilized.  I actually saw a big jump at around 15-16 reviews.  But whatever.  You can’t have too many reviews, and it’s nice to see so many people enjoying the story.
  6. In case you missed it, I did an interview with the fascinating Nadia Lee.  You should check it out!

3 thoughts on “Sunday Summary

  1. Yay! Thanks a bunch, Kait!

    Congrats on your increasing sales. I’ve found that each month it gets better and better. I have a feeling your sales rank will get way down there. And when you release something else, it will get even better.

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