Sunday Summary

  1. After a stressful week of axing, writing, reworking, salvaging, and plotting, I FINALLY have a solid, hole-free outline of Devil’s Eye and have almost made up for everything that I cut. This puts me about a week behind schedule from where I wanted to be, which is okay.  It’s also a shorter piece now than my first outlined version.  I expect it to come in somewhere in the vicinity of 15k, which is good as a freebie short to me.  If my life does not throw any further life changing situations at me, I might actually be able to finish the first draft in 2-3 weeks (depending on how much I get done over Labor Day weekend).  So that’s a yay.
  2. Callie’s infection is about a million times better, though she is still sheepish about having a shaved butt. It seems to be itching less and we are all hoping things are back to normal in another couple of days.  She’s been really good about the whole thing.  I’m thanking God it wasn’t Daisy because she NEVER does well with pills and it’s a war to get her to take them.  Callie will just inhale anything put in her food bowl.
  3. Yesterday I started a second round of The Biggest Loser on Wii. I had already planned to dial it back to the beginner level just because I can’t face a full, intermediate Jillian workout first thing in the morning, but the program itself did it for me since I apparently performed so badly on the intermediate level.  I blame this predominantly on the fact that WORKOUT SHORTS DO NOT HAVE POCKETS!!!  I have like a full week’s worth of shorts.  NONE of them have pockets to stick the wiimote in.  Ergo it kept falling out of my waistband and not registering my movement right.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Maybe I can engineer some kind of pocket that I can tie on like a fanny pack…
  4. Hubby and I started watching Covert Affairs last night. I pegged the setup for the series (or at least the first season) after about 1 minute into the opening montage.  And I also hit on who the bad guy in the first episode was well before it came out.  Hubby credits this to my being a writer.  I credit it to my being a reader and having read a LOT of this kind of story.  Whirlwind romance with stranger you meet in a foreign land who disappears with a cryptic note in the middle of the night?  Of COURSE he was a SPY. Duh.  Anyway, really liked the show, so we’re working on getting the rest of the episodes of this season.
  5. Today we are tackling hubby’s office/the home gym/music room. Yes it is as big a mess as that sounds like.  We’re cleaning it out, rearranging it so that what you see when you look down the hall is the piano, not the big honking (dusty) home gym.  Now that his desk has been sold (yeah that was months ago) there’s room for some serious rearranging.  This is one of the first major steps in getting our current house ready to sell.
  6. The heroine for the YA I have planned for next year has been talking too me this week. She insisted it was really important that I listen to her while I was trying to SLEEP the other night because she really had to tell me her backstory and give me the opening line.  “I was thirteen when I found out why my mother left me.”  I had not planned on this book being in first person, but Elodie has other ideas.  She’s quite stubborn as it turns out.
  7. And just for fun, 7 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Outbreak Would Fail (Quickly).
  8. Don’t forget tomorrow is Skip A Starbucks Day and your chance to help save a child.

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