(Sort of) New Release: Blindsight

So I posted about 3 weeks ago about the release of the Kiss Me, Kill Me paranormal romance anthology in which my Mirus short story Blindsight is featured.  Several of you bought the anthology (proceeds of which are going to GreaterGood.org).  Thanks for that!  But really, I wasn’t getting as much promo mileage out of the anthology as I’d like, partly due to the fact that Barnes and Noble only allows 5 authors to be listed on a work, and I’m not one of them; partly due to other factors like people who buy an anthology just to read the story by their favorite authors and never get around to the others (hey, I do it too; I’m not judging).  So in light of that and the results of my Smashwords Sneak Peak experiment, I decided to have a proper cover made (thank you, Robin!) and release it as a freebie everywhere I could.  Right now it’s available from AmazonBarnes and NobleSmashwords, Goodreads, Free-Ebooks.net, and, Scribd, and is expected to show up eventually on Obooko and ManyBooks.net.

So if you’re already a Mirus fan and haven’t seen this story, or you’d like to have a free taste before you buy (and obviously, I’m big on that since you can read Forsaken By Shadow in serial here on the blog or get a free copy of Devil’s Eye for signing up for my newsletter), give Blindsight a try!


Isla’s ability as a Seer has made her a life-long captive of a paranormal crime lord. Fae assassin, Ransom, offers her a chance at escape, but when she touches his hand she sees only blood, horror, apocalypse. What reason can Ransom have for wanting to rescue her, and can she possibly trust a man who deals in death?

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Love Ransom?  Want to see more of Isla?  Keep your eyes peeled for the first full-length Mirus novel, Revelation, which picks up where Blindsight leaves off!  Wanna know when it comes out?  Sign up for my newsletter to be kept up to date on new releases.

4 thoughts on “(Sort of) New Release: Blindsight

  1. I will be sure to check out the story….I know what you mean about promo and the limit on how many people can be listed as an author to one book..I wish they would not limit that…

  2. That’s a beautiful cover! Love the colors! Robin is so awesome.

    I’m glad you mentioned this, because I was curious about how your anthology project was going. I’m participating in an anthology, too, and it looked like we could do 10 authors on Amazon. So it’s only 5 on B&N? Hm… Wonder if the coodinators know that… I’ll have to check…

    Also interesting that you haven’t seen a lot of increased exposure from your story being in there. Also, hmmmm…..

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