Monday Amusement

I have been wracking my brain today for something to post about. Usually that’s not a problem. But I’m full of thoughts on personal matters that do not need to be aired in a public space, so I leave you instead with this entry from CUTE ROULETTE (which is shared with my by the fabulous Claire Legrand.  I swear, someone taught my dog to dance…

4 thoughts on “Monday Amusement

  1. Good call 😀

  2. I love it! :0) I can picture my dog doing this.

  3. haha I wish my dog would do something like that. All she does is lay around, unless she’s trying to herd the cats. 🙂

  4. kd

    Kait, I hope all things work for your peace of mind soon. Sometimes we need to step back and chill. Look forward to the next post. Have a GREAT evening.
    @kdelley / @nyanicks on twitter

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