#ROW80 Update

I don’t have a lot to report.

Sunday: Didn’t write.  Actually spent the bulk of the afternoon in a Benedryl coma.

Monday: Managed 363 and figured out how the stages of grief fit in to my plotline.

Tuesday: Nada.  Was gone out of town for work and got back late, so no time to write.

Our home inspection was Sunday.  We sent our list of requested repairs to the sellers.  If they complete them to our satisfaction, we’ll move forward.  If they won’t then we’ll walk.  I suspect that we’ll wind up walking, as these folks don’t much seem interested in playing ball.  But I think they’re going to linger on the market longer than they want, as everything we requested, any sane buyer will also want.

The folks who made the low ball offer on our house countered with an only slightly higher, offensively low ball offer.  We said Buh-bye.   We’re still having showings.  There will be an open house next week after Easter.

Either way, the “season” begins next month, so there may be an even more awesome house that comes on the market, and we’ll be in a better bargaining position to maximize profit on our house, all of which is a good thing.  Either way, my head feels clearer and I hope to really dive back in tonight.

2 thoughts on “#ROW80 Update

  1. Here’s wishing for a little bit of calm for you. Life has been just…weird. Maybe we’ll all have a great spring and summer and everything will come together nicely. We need some happy!

  2. Good for you for sticking to your guns. It’s such an exhausting process to buy/sell houses and pack, that many people just want it over with and take less or pay more. Best of luck on all of that coming together smoothly.

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