The Dark and Early Report: Day 2

Well one mystery got solved this morning. I set my alarm for 5:45. It went off. Hubs did not appreciate, as his alarm had another 5 minutes. Also set for 5:45.

It was not what you’d call a GOOD start to the morning. We were both cranky. Neither of us is morning people and being up at the same time means that we’re practically stepping all over each other and getting in each other’s way. I didn’t sleep last night because he went to bed before me. This NEVER works. If he’s not snoring, his nose whistles. Because it’s Mississippi and allergy season lasts for 10 months here. Which is so not his fault. Last night it was so loud I could hear it from the living room, through ear plugs and a pillow over my head. But he didn’t sleep at all the night before, so I didn’t bug him.

I did make it through my yoga workout by 6:30, so on a future D & E morning, that would actually leave me the hour I planned to write. Not so this morning as I’m going out of town for work today and have to leave in about fifteen minutes, and I’ve just realized my black pants are covered in white dog hair. Classy.

I wound up with 1025 total yesterday, mostly during lunch. That made me happy, as I don’t know what kind of writing I’ll get in after work today. Driving for hours always saps me, and it’s not like my boss is going to let me just quietly plot on the drive. She’ll want to work in the car. :shudder:

Today is our anniversary. We’ve been married eight years. It’s very inconveniently placed this year, on a day I have to be out of town and when he works a 12 hour shift and there’s exactly no time to celebrate anything.

Either way I’m out.

6 thoughts on “The Dark and Early Report: Day 2

  1. Wow, what a morning. I think you’ll get the routine worked out, though. You’re kind of headstrong that way. :0)

    That’s a bummer about your anniversary. I found out I’m going to be in NYC on my husband’s birthday. Bleh.

    I’ve got that New U on my Amazon wish list. I just need to get a little something else so I can have free shipping. :0)

  2. Have your husband try quercetin (natural antihistamine). Natural Factors brand helped me most with allergies, but it has an ingredient that upsets my stomach (rice flour). So far, I’ve not yet found a rice-free version that works comparably to that one.

    With the Natural Factors brand, it kicked in best about 24 hours after taking it, so as long as you take it regularly, you’ll be fine. Instructions say to take 1-3 capsules a day (and there are bottles of 90 capsules, which tend to have the best cost-per-capsule price), but I’ve taken as many as 4 the day before going somewhere that’ll be filled with perfume/cologne/flowers/grass. It helps palpably.

    Also, certain foods like black tea and onions naturally have quercetin in them, so they can help with emergency discomfort.

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