Tuesday Smattering

After more than a month of feeling like I’ve just been dragging my butt, I am ON today, y’all.  I got up, did yoga (day 3, thanks very much, and yes my body is still screaming at me for it), boxed, set up dinner with a friend, got to work, wrote up my course calendars for fall classes, got a bunch of packages ready to ship, printed out the latest version of the Smashwords Style Guide (which is evidently several versions past the last one I had), printed out a big manual for something for work (which I am less than enthused about reading), and sent off the revised draft of Red to Susan and Laurie.  SO CLOSE TO DONE. All before 9:30.  SWEET.

I’m sitting here listening to the score to Cowboys and Aliens (I blame Claire…she’s such a bad influence on my pocketbook when we start talking movie scores), and my brain is just SNAPPING about ideas for Riven (even though it’s really a more appropriate soundtrack for SNB)So I’m doing that thing where I juggle files and make notes between real work.  As I was going to bed last night, I finally figured out a detail of Dahlia’s backstory that I’ve been puzzling over for MORE THAN A YEAR, which now ties neatly in with what’s going on in the current story and the bad guy.  Which actually changes some of what I already have written and means I’m closer to half done than 2/3rds but whatever.  It still shouldn’t take too long to finish.

The goal this week is to knock out Red in totality, get it formatted over the weekend, figure out my promo plan, and hopefully have it ready to release NEXT WEEK.  Which would be pretty darn awesome.  Need to update my blurb too.  Also on deck is getting all my classes set up for fall (as much as possible).  And I am going to freaking finish putting up the new closet door track, which SO would have been done last night if our drill batteries didn’t suck big monkey butt.  It took 3 separate charging sessions just to get the old track down and the new one up.  Today is getting the hardware on the doors.  And deciding whether I really want to spend $64 on a replacement battery for our nice fancy pants commercial drill.  The first ones lasted 8 years, so I guess that’s not a bad run, considering.  But $64 for a BATTERY?  Dude, that’s just wrong.

Wow, this post is all over the place.  My brain’s doing that hummingbird on crack thing again.

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Smattering

  1. Yay for all that productivity! Can’t wait for the rest of the world to read Red. I’m just loving it so far!

    P.S. Re: Cowboys & Aliens and movie scores in general — MWAHAHAHAHA.

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