Birds Eye Chef’s Favorites: Creamy Primavera Risotto

I am full of so much food blogger fail the last two weeks.  Y’all, I swear I’ve been cooking.  I’ve even been cooking new stuff.  But I’ve also been in the middle of launching my latest book (a YA paranormal called Red–more on that here, if you’re interested), and almost breaking my nose (more on THAT here, if you want to be entertained by my ludicrous klutziness).  My brain’s been kinda addled.

In the middle of all the crazy, I got the fabulous opportunity through the Foodbuzz Tastemaker’s program to try out Birds Eye Chef’s Favorites.  Now these aren’t out yet (they hit stores next month), but you should be sure to keep your eyes peeled.  They’ll be in the freezer section near the nifty steamer veggies you already know and love (because how awesome is it to throw something in the nuker and have actual GOOD vegetables come out in five minutes when you don’t feel like cooking and are trying to avoid take out?). Well, Birds Eye has upped their game with the Chef’s Favorites.  Same concept as the steamer things–a good side ready in about five minutes–but with a little extra kick.

Can you imagine RISOTTO in FIVE MINUTES?  Let that sink in for a minute.  FIIIIIIIIVE MINUTES.

That’s one of the things Birds Eye has given us.  Below you will see their Creamy Primavera Risotto.  This is one of two risottos I got to try (the other being a green bean and mushroom, which was fine, I just really hate the texture of frozen green beans, so that didn’t work for me).

As the name suggests, it’s creamy and studded with carrots and peas.  While it will never hold a candle to real, homemade risotto (of which I am a huge fan), it’s a lovely and flavorful side and a marvelous option when you don’t want to hang out stirring a pot for 30-40 minutes for the real deal.  A must for busy families every where.  And best of all, it’s gluten free, so it’s also a lovely FAST side dish for those of us with dietary restrictions.

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